Saturday, April 20, 2013

Follow Your Dream, Buy Good Photography Materials

I have a friend who just moved to Los Angeles and is interested in getting into acting – I suppose that’s why a lot of people move to LA. But people move here for other reasons, too. For example, other forms are arts bring people from all over, arts such as music and painting and even photography. The latter is why I came out here, there is a lot of photography in the community, people taking photos and sharing them in galleries and online. So these two anecdotes are not unrelated! My friend needed headshots and I was looking to work on my portfolio for doing head shots for others, so I agreed to take my friend’s photos for him. I was just starting out, so I had to get some photo backgrounds that I could use and try to get as many options as I could for him. We were pretty psyched with those and the photography backdrops we got. It’s important to have lots of options, and it’s fun to practice with a friend, so I can experiment with different options and get a feel for the equipment. It’s a win win for both of us, he gets lots of different looks and I’m gaining experience. I got my equipment at and I was pleased with their selection of photo necessities to get. It’s been a great learning experience. It’s fun to move out here and have a passion that I want to follow, and then get to really feel like I’m getting better at it. A lot of people come here to follow a dream, and while that’s intimidating, it also is inspiring and forces all of us to work harder. That’s the best part, it only grows and snowballs into better work and everyone pushing to improve . I love that energy, and I thrive on it, and I look forward to continuing to push myself forward.



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